Lowest Power Wireless Technologies for Battery Free and Forever Battery IoT

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Atmosic’s innovative Lowest Power Wireless Technologies are designed to aggressively reduce connected device dependence on battery power, thus enabling battery free or forever battery devices to address the emergent opportunities of connected IoT devices. Our lowest power technologies are achieved through the combination of Lowest Power Radio and On-demand Receive, providing the industry’s lowest power consumption, and Controlled Energy Harvesting, making devices “energy independent”.

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While Atmosic is wireless agnostic, in our inaugural solutions we are revolutionizing the power performance of Bluetooth® 5, which notably offers 4X range, 2x speed and 8X throughput versus the legacy Bluetooth standard. Atmosic’s Bluetooth 5 based products, with Lowest Power Radio and On-demand Wake-Up features, achieves up to 100X lower power than standard Bluetooth 5 solutions. And, the addition of Controlled Energy Harvesting provides battery free Bluetooth solutions.

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Atmosic aims to provide IoT devices with battery free or forever battery features, thereby vastly improving the maintenance of IoT deployments. That means we’re focused on everything from Personal to Smart City IoT applications, including Home, Auto, Healthcare, Industrial Automation, and Enterprise.

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