– Atmosic Technologies’ M3 SoC Named a CES 2020 Best of Innovation Honoree

– Atmosic Technologies and MATRIX Industries Partner to Bring a New Level of Efficiency and Productivity to Industrial Solutions

– Atmosic and QuickLogic Partner to Enable Always-On, Always-Listening Voice Interactivity in Audio and Sensor Processing Platform

– Red Herring Selects Atmosic Technologies as a Top 100 North America Winner

– Atmosic Technologies Extends Controlled Energy Harvesting Technology to Harness Photovoltaic Power for IoT Device Connectivity

– Atmosic Technologies Partners with Kontakt.io to Enable Forever-Battery Beacons and Tags, Eliminating Costly Maintenance

– Atmosic Technologies Brings Forever Battery and Battery Free IOT to CES 2019 With M2 and M3 Series of Lowest-Power Wireless Solutions

– CEVA’s Bluetooth 5 Low Energy Software and Link Layer IP Integrate with Atmosic Technologies Solutions for Battery-Free IOT Devices

– Atmosic Technologies Introduces Innovative Wireless Platforms to Drive Battery-Free Internet of Things